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Nirmala Schools have been eastablished and managed by the Congregation of Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate which has his headquarters in Rome, italy. Nirmala Schools are intended to impart Primary and Secondary Education in a Christian atmosphere primarily for the benefit of Catholic Girls and Boys. They also admit other children regardless of Religion, Caste, Class and Creed.
The educational service of Nirmala Schools is inspired by the person of Jesus Christ and guided by His teachings and example. They aim at the integral development of the Student's personality, intellectual, social, cultural, moral and spiritual. They lay special emphasis on moral and spiritual formation respecting fully the religious background of each pupil. Nirmala Schools strive from the pupils entrusted to them to grow up a good men and women, good and useful citizens, who will contribute to the building up of the nation based on Truth, Justice, Peace and Love.

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